Welcome to Daylesford Folk Blues Festival !

Daylesford Folk & Blues Festival Sat. 11th. Oct 2014.

Coming soon line up of artists, program etc…
Instrument Makers display and demonstrations, busking in the streets and more…

This niche in Central Victoria, offers visitors from Melbourne and elsewhere the opportunity to shake off their  ’winter blues’ and  welcome ‘spring’ into their lives, with a high standard of music, in the company of  well known musicians via  workshops, concerts, free instrument demonstrations, free white board sessions and the opportunity to busk if you wish,  check the details concerning  this. All of this is rolled into one day, at very reasonable prices! So  why not step this way, to join in the  festivities of the day …

This Festival supports the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter and provides selected  up-coming musicians from the Hepburn Shire, to attend concerts  of their choice.

Who are we and what do we do?

The ‘idea’ to start up a ‘folk and blues festival’ was so strong, that we just had to do it! We don’t have a huge budget or funds behind us, but plenty of enthusiasm, good ideas and good contacts with fine musicians, who are willing to be part of this wonderful idea. The ‘festival’ is in its infancy and fledgling state, and can only grow from here, and as the saying goes “from little things, big things grow…”

Acoustic Sessions is a ‘not for profit’ organisation promoting live music in the Daylesford region of Victoria and helps fund community projects and worthwhile causes in the area, through events such as this. We provide musicians with performance space and promotional support through this event. A successful show benefits the musician, and the community.

Some of our recent successes were the Daylesford Spring Folk Blues Fest held on 18th September 2010, and 8th. Oct.2011 at the Daylesford Inn, Ballan Road Daylesford. The Events brought the Community and like-minded musicians together, and the workshops provided a worthwhile avenue of learning and enhanced  musicians skills. Funds raised on the day, via an auction of items provided by local businesses,  went to the Daylesford branch of the State Emergency Service (2010), and the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter(2011). Opportunity was given to young  musicians to showcase their music, and attend workshops of their choice (2011),via generous sponsorship. These events would not have been possible without the assistance of local businesses,sponsorship and  the musicians who performed on the day and friends who volunteered their assistance.

The preferred music genres for our events are folk, blues, roots and country.

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Festival Logo courtesy Steve Douglas – Family Farm